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Discovery of 10-gingerol, an ingredient in ginger that inhibits osteoclasts

3 Mar 2021

Assistant Professor SHIMADA Yasuhito, Medicine / Assistant Professor Liqing Zang, Regional Innovation Studies / KAGOTANI Kazuhiro, Tsuji Health & Beauty Science Laboratory

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Role of the cold Okhotsk Sea on the climate of the North Pacific subtropical high and Baiu precipitation

22 Jan 2021

Professor TACHIBANA Yoshihiro, Graduate School of Bioresources

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Self‐Emergent Protocells Generated in an Aqueous Solution Crowded by Binary Macromolecules through Liquid‐Liquid Phase Separation

18 Dec 2020

TSUMOTO Kanta, Ph. D.,Professor of the Graduate School of Engineering

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Messenger RNA-typing of environmental RNA (eRNA): A case study on zebrafish tank water with perspectives for the future development of eRNA analysis on aquatic vertebrates

7 Dec 2020

Assistant Professor SHIMADA Yasuhito, Graduate School of Medicine

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Recombinant human thrombomodulin suppresses the progression of chronic kidney disease

19 Oct 2020

TAKESHITA Atsuro,Faculty of Medicine / YASUMA Taro,Faculty of Medicine / YUTAKA Yano,Endocrinology,Immunology / Esteban Gabazza,Faculty of Medicine

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International joint development of a recombinant vaccine against COVID-19

27 Jul 2020

NOSAKA Tetsuya, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of the Graduate School of Medicine

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A Novel Medium-Wavelength, Ultraviolet (UV-B) Range Semiconductor Laser

13 Mar 2020

Professor MIYAKE Hideto, Graduate School of Regional Innovation Studies

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Establishment of the method to identify the ulcerative colitis patients with high risk of colorectal cancer

28 Jan 2020


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Antihyperglycemic Compounds Found in Adzuki Beans

28 Nov 2019

Assistant Professor KURIYA Kenji, Bioresources / Vice President UMEKAWA Hayato / NAKAMURA Masahiro, Imuraya Co., Ltd.

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