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PRESS RELEASE ( Regional Innovation/Regional Innovation )

Globin digest ameliorates the accumulation of visceral adipose tissue through UCP1 upregulation

30 Sep 2021

Specially Appointed Associate Professor Liqing Zang, Graduate School of Regional Innovation Studies / Lecturer Yasuhito Shimada, Department of Integrative Pharmacology

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Discovery of 10-gingerol, an ingredient in ginger that inhibits osteoclasts

3 Mar 2021

Assistant Professor Yasuhito Shimada, Medicine / Assistant Professor Liqing Zang, Regional Innovation Studies / Kazuhiro Kagotani, Tsuji Health & Beauty Science Laboratory

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A Novel Medium-Wavelength, Ultraviolet (UV-B) Range Semiconductor Laser

13 Mar 2020

Professor Hideto Miyake, Graduate School of Regional Innovation Studies

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