1. (Updated) Registration for Fall semester 2022
    2 Sep 2022International Exchange Topics
  2. Call for attention "NOVEL CORONAVIRUS"
    29 Jan 2020Overseas Safety Information
  3. "Japanese Placement Test" has been updated!!!
    29 Aug 2018International Exchange Topics
  4. "Classes for General Public" has been updated!!
    29 Aug 2018Events Application
  5. Application Regarding Mie University Brochure
    9 Jul 2018Events Application
  6. Study Tour for International Students!!!
    25 May 2018Events Application
  7. "Mie Miraibito Ikuseijuku"Join the Event!!
    26 Apr 2018Events Application
  8. Survival Japanese Course (2018 Spring)
    18 Apr 2018Events Application
  9. New Year Party in Nagoya!!!
    17 Jan 2018Events Application
  10. INTERNATIONAL DAYS "Let's join Film Festival"
    29 Nov 2017Events Application
  11. INTERNATIONAL DAYS "Let's enjoy SHODO!!!"
    27 Nov 2017Events Application
    27 Nov 2017Events Application
  13. "Second home program" has been updated!!!
    16 Oct 2017Events Application
  14. Weekend Survival Japanese Course(2017 Fall)
    10 Oct 2017Events Application
  15. "Classes for General Public" has been updated!!
    31 Aug 2017Events Application
  16. The form of "Overseas Travel Notification" has been renewed!!
    27 Jul 2017International Exchange Topics
  17. English Career Fair in Summer
    18 May 2017Events Application
  18. Weekend Survival Japanese Course(2017 Spring)
    27 Apr 2017Events Application
  19. 【Fully Booked】Homestay Program in GW!!!
    6 Apr 2017Events Application
  20. "Japanese Language Placement Test" has been updated!!
    9 Mar 2017International Exchange Topics
  21. "Intensive Japanese Language Study" has been updated!!
    14 Feb 2017International Exchange Topics
  22. English Career Fair 2017
    6 Feb 2017Events Application
  23. Movie Festival !!
    29 Nov 2016Events Application
  24. Let's Cook Cuisines from around the World!
    29 Nov 2016Events Application
  25. Let's Calligraphy Experience!!
    15 Nov 2016Events Application
  26. Disaster Preparedness Drill
    4 Nov 2016Events Application
  27. Weekend Survival Japanese Course (2016 Fall)
    30 Sep 2016Events Application
  28. "Japanese Language Placement Test" has been updated!!
    1 Aug 2016International Exchange Topics
  29. "Classes for General Public" has been updated!!
    1 Aug 2016International Exchange Topics
  30. "International Relations Publications" has been updated!!
    22 Jul 2016International Exchange Topics
  31. "Intensive Japanese Language Study" has been updated!!
    20 Jul 2016International Exchange Topics
  32. 7/16 Ise shrine tour & Watching Ise fire works!!
    12 Jul 2016Events Application
  33. Tri-U Orientation Meeting was held!!!
    27 May 2016International Exchange Topics
  34. Tri-U 2016 Accepting Applications!!
    24 May 2016Events Application
  35. Weekend Survival Japanese Course (2016 spring) was held!!!
    17 May 2016International Exchange Topics
  36. Tri-U Orientation Meeting !!!
    27 Apr 2016Events Application
  37. English Career Fair in Summer
    27 Apr 2016Events Application
  38. "Information meeting for UBC language study tour" was held.
    25 Apr 2016International Exchange Topics
  39. Weekend Survival Japanese Course (2016 Spring)
    13 Apr 2016Events Application
  40. The opening ceremony of the CIER 2016 spring semester was held.
    11 Apr 2016International Exchange Topics
  41. Apprication Started: Classes for General Public
    8 Mar 2016International Exchange Topics
  42. Mr. CASIMIR YOST spoke at Mie University
    9 Feb 2016International Exchange Topics
  43. Host Family Program: Meeting Host Families
    7 Dec 2015International Exchange Topics
  44. Host Family Programs for newly-arrived international students
    4 Nov 2015International Exchange Topics
  45. Japanese Language Course Opening Ceremony
    13 Apr 2015International Exchange Topics
  46. JICA Chubu Nagoya Chikyu Hiroba visit
    28 Feb 2014Events Application
  47. Hand in Hand! Mie Global Citizen 2013 was held.
    24 Dec 2013Events Application
  48. "Let's Know India!" was held.
    20 Dec 2013Events Application
  49. Tennis Tournament was held.
    20 Dec 2013Events Application
  50. International Workshop Program was held.
    20 Dec 2013Events Application
  51. The 32nd iCERP lecture was held
    20 Dec 2013Events Application
  52. Singing Contest was held.
    20 Dec 2013Events Application
  53. Debriefing Session for the Tri-U IJSS was held.
    20 Dec 2013Events Application
  54. Visit to JICA Chubu Int'l Center
    19 Dec 2013Events Application
  55. JICA Volunteer Seminar was held.
    18 Dec 2013Events Application
  56. Study Tour for International Students was held.
    16 Dec 2013Events Application
  57. Japanese Skit Contest 2013 was held.
    12 Dec 2013Events Application
  58. Mie University FD "Teaching in English" was held
    19 Jul 2013Events Application
  59. CIER Opening Ceremony was held.
    12 Apr 2013Events Application