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8 Dec 2023

Application Guide for The Kubota Fund Grant, FY2024

This grant is an individual application type.

If you wish to apply, please check the application guidelines and apply

directly from the Foundation's website.

Please inform us of your appling via e-mail.

*Applicant must be a national of developing country, or born & raised in a developing region, whose annual GDP per capita is less than US$7,000.11
1Current price, based upon the data as of October 2023 provided by IMF, "World Economic Outlook Database")
*Applicant must be officially enrolled in a research/educational/training institute or hired by a business enterprise located in Japan.
*Applicant must stay in Japan for the duration of scholarship, except the period of field research abroad, attending international conferences, or temporarily returning to your home country.

*Applicant must be (or will have to be) pursuing academic degree(s)/conducting research project(s) on a specific engineering development theme (preferably civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, agriculture, environment engineering, energy engineering, architecture or development economics).

*Applicant should be recommended by a permanent/professional staff, who holds capability/position to evaluate ability, achievements and potentiality of the applicant adequately, of the organization to which the applicant belong, such as the applicant's academic or managerial supervisor(s).

*From Yen 80,000 to Yen100,000 per month.

*from April 2024 to March 2025

★Deadline of application★
Tuesday, 16 January 2024 (JST) (Applications will be closed at midnight on January 17th.)

①Please click here to see the application guidelines.

②Please register as a member and submit the application form at the URL below.

↓ For more details, please refer to the official website of the Yutaka Kubota Foundation Grant ↓