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30 May 2016

Second Home Program ~Host Family Programs for newly-arrived international students~

CIER arranges for newly-arrived international students at Mie University to meet their "host families" in cooperation with a volunteer group Homestay in Tsu, established in 1989. The group consists of approximately 130 citizen members, organizing various activities, such as cooking parties and host family programs.

"Second Home" is a program in which the members of the volunteer group invite international students to their home and enjoy getting together on various occasions. The program was named as "Second Home" in the hope that international students would feel at home during their stay with their host families.

<Eligibility for the program>

You are eligible to apply for the "Second Home" program if you are a newly-arrived international student at Mie University (i.e., started your study program from this October) and your study period is more than one year.

<How to apply>

Please fill in an application form below and send it by email as an attachment.

Only electronic applications will be accepted.

Application Form: Click here to download

Send it to:

Deadline: June 7, 2017 (Wed) at 9:00am.

Homestay in Tsu will contact with you via email by the end of June, and you will be introduced to your host family begenning of July. Then you and your host family will plan for further meetings and activities together.

Note: Only a limited number of applicants will be introduced to host families in considering the number of students from each country. If you were not contacted by the group by the end of June, we are very sorry. We appreciate your kind understanding.

Homestay in Tsu Executive Committee