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14 Apr 2020

Code of Conduct for the prevention of the Novel Coronavirus infection

Code of Conduct for the prevention of the Novel Coronavirus infection

1. すべての学生・教職員は、感染事案に至る可能性のある公私に係る行動を厳に慎んで下さい。
All students, faculty members and staffs should strictly refrain from behaviors that may lead to infection cases, regardless of private and public matters.

2. 学部・大学院の教育は、原則として全てオンライン授業によることとします。
In principle, all undergraduate and graduate classes will be given online.

For the care of giving a face-to-face instruction to students on campus, teachers will need to submit the "Exemption Permission Application Form for Restricting Student Participation in Education and Research Activities at Mie University" to the Director in charge of Education and obtain the permission.

3. 研究活動は必要性と緊急度を判断し、申請許可制で実施します。
Research activities are subject to approval of the application, based on its necessity and urgency level.

4. 学外の実習・研究は、必要性と緊急度によって許可する場合があります。
Off-campus training and research may be permitted depending on the level of necessity and

5. 教職員の勤務形態と時間の管理は、状況に応じて柔軟に行います。
The management of work style and time schedule of faculty members will be done in a flexible manner according to the circumstances.

6. 全ての学生・教職員は、健康の維持に注意し毎日の体温測定、不調治の報告を励行してください。
All students, faculty and staff should be very careful about maintaining good health and make sure to measure body temperature and report any health problems.

7. 大学に用務のない学外者の立ち入り、発熱など体調を崩している学生・教職員の立ち入りを制限します
Mie University restricts entrance of non-members who are not in business, as well as students /
faculty / staff who are feeling ill due to fever.

In addition, please refrain from inviting visitors from out-of-prefecture infected areas and from visiting the areas.

The goal of future measures is to end the spread of virus infection as soon as possible.

To achieve the goal, your own careful and responsible behaviors are essential.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

参考:新型コロナウイルス感染症防止のための行動規範/Code of Conduct(Japanese)