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28 Jun 2016

Immunology: Presentation by exchange student from University of Perugia

On June 24, 3 exchange students from University of Perugia made presentations. All of them are participating research at Laboratory Immunology and clinical training at University Hospital.
Mie University has concluded an agreement on Faculty level with University Perugia, Faculty of Medicine, and strengthening mutual exchanges. It was started introduction of Perugia which is beautiful and historic town. And then they introduced outline and fascinating of University of Perugia and University Hospital with video and slides.
In addition, about 20 Participants who are students and faculty members were all ears to interesting story such as education system of Italy, differences of Japan, etc.
We could share their precious experience and it was good opportunity to make students who are aiming overseas study rouse themselves to action.We hope this presentation makes deepen cooperative relations between two universities and this exchange program continues for many years.