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12 Dec 2013

Japanese Skit Contest 2013 was held.

On December 11, Japanese Skit Contest 2013 was held at MEIPL.

"Skit" is a short play, and 3 groups with international and Japanese students played "Kei-on!: Popular Anime", "Found the Specter with White Mantle", and "Respectful Taking Journey of Momotaro". After their plays, Mie University's "Theater Group Crest" and "Juggliano" performed their performance as guest performers.

At the end, award ceremony was held and Prof. Masako Fukuoka, Center for International Education and Research, gave some comments. "Some phrases they made were very long, and I can imagine how difficult it was to memorize them. The skits were all wonderful showing your efforts. I hope all of the members will enjoy studying in Japan with today's good experience."

20131211_skitcontest (1).JPG 20131211_skitcontest (2).JPG

20131211_skitcontest (4).JPG 20131211_skitcontest (3).JPG