The Guideline for Bosai

Japan is subject to frequent natural disasters such as typhoons, torrential rains, as well as earthquakes and tsunami. Every year there is a great loss of people's lives and properties due to those natural disasters. As you know, in 2011, more than 39,000 people died or went missing due to the Great East Japan Earthquake and subsequent Tsunami. There is also a high probability of the occurrence of large-scale earthquakes in the near future including impending possibilities of Nankai Trough Earthquake.

See below to make sure the current situation at Mie university.

Geographical Conditions around Mie Univ.

Severe Events Surrounding Mie Univ.

Mie University monitors and plans for a variety of severe weather events, such as severe rainfalls, typhoons, earthquakes as well as tsunami. In the event of an emergency, The homepage will broadcast an alert and direct users to an emergency page outlining the University's response.

See below for campus-specific guidance on how to respond to a variety of emergency types, as well as emergency response related tools and resources.


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