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What to Do in Case of Fire

◎Alert your neighbors with a loud voice!

Even if the fire is small, do not try to extinguish the fire by yourself. Call for help and warn others of the emergency.


The first few minutes (three minutes) are very important during a fire. If the fire is still small, not only a fire extinguisher or an indoor fire hydrant, but other items which are readily available, such as clothes or a cushion, can be used to smother a fire.

◎Do not delay evacuation!

If the flames reach the celling, evacuate immediately. If you encounter smoke on your way out, stay low and crawl if necessary. Cover your nose and mouth with a wet towel or wet handkerchief, if possible. If other have still not evacuated, immediately inform a firefighter.

What to Do in Any Cases

◎Let your family know you are safe.

<Disaster Message Board Service>

the service enables those living or staying in the affected area to use their mobile phones to post status information so that other people worldwide can check on their safety through the internet.
Become familier with this service and know what to do "in case of emergency" through the following address.

NTT DOCOMO ・au ・softbank


You can search safety information provided by disaster message boards, press organizations, and corporate organizations at once by phone number or name.

◎What to do in Case of major damages and urgent relief

When 119 is hard to contact, it is effective to send your necessary support through SNS. Post the relief contents, place and pictures with the ‟#救援要請(rescue request) " tags, you may receive relief and supports. And you should wait in a safe place until relief comes.

※In case of a large-scale disaster, confusion is occurring with a lot of information. Do not post relief except by the parties. Also, Do not spread the message.