***JAPAN TENT参加者募集について***


***JAPAN TENT参加者募集について***

日本で学ぶ世界各国からの留学生の皆さんを、城下町・金沢をはじめ、美しい自然と豊かな伝統文化が残る石川県に招待し、世界に開かれた地域づくり を地元の人たちとのふれあいを通して推進する国際イベント「The 29th JAPAN TENT」。


The 29th JAPAN TENT Program is an international event sponsored by various government agencies, private companies, and volunteer organizations. JAPAN TENT provides students from many countries with theopportunity to make new friends in a beautiful and relaxed setting.
Participants in the JAPAN TENT will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the old castle town of Kanazawa and the folklore of the Ishikawa countryside. Participants will be able to directly interact with the people of Ishikawa, who are known for their sincerity and warm hospitality. We are sure that you will discover the "real" Japan here.
Transportation, participation and accommodation fees will be provided for free.
Please join us at JAPAN TENT!
※In some circumstances, participants might be asked to pay public transportation fare from each home-stay household in Ishikawa to the designated meeting spot.

Please read the attached files for further information.