mie university introduction

Welcome to Mie University. This is the only national university located within Mie Prefecture. The seaside campus overlooking Ise Bay has a wide variety of departments, from sciences to humanities.


mie university history

Mie University has a long and distinguished history. This institution has been honoured to play a prominent role in serving as a regional university open to the world.


mie university students

To promote students' physical and intellectual abilities, the university offers various research-related and educational activities. We hope that students will enjoy a culturally and intellectually rich Japanese life at Mie University, which embraces cultural diversity.


mie university location

Located in central Japan, Mie Prefecture is abundant in greenery, surrounded by beautiful oceans and ripe with delicious foods from the mountains and the seas. Kumano Kodo, which is a World Heritage site, is also located in Mie.

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