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Welcome to Mie University. This is the only national university located within Mie Prefecture. The seaside campus overlooking Ise Bay has a wide variety of departments, from science to humanities.


Mie University fosters individuals who posses sophisticated expertise and technological skill, and who will promote innovation within the region, through the development of the 'Four Abilities'-emotion, thought, communication and the all-encompassing physical and intellectual abilities.


Mie University is located in Tsu, Mie. Mie Prefecture is located approximately in central Japan, on the east side of the Kii peninsula. The climate is warm, as mountains and seas surround the area, and both agriculture and fishing are very active industries here.

The area is full of sightseeing spots, including mountains where people can go hiking, autumn foliage viewing and skiing; oceans where people can go ocean bathing and clamming; the Suzuka Circuit, where the Formula One Japanese Grand Prix is held and the Ise Shrine, the oldest shrine in Japan.

The area is called UMASHIKUNI or 'the delicious country', as it is known for its abundance of seafood, such as oysters, Japanese spiny lobsters and blowfish, as well as the famous marbled Wagyu beef called Matsusaka beef, which is considered to be one of the most delicious and prestigious beef in Japan.

In addition, Iga, where the ninjas originated, Kumano Kodo, a World Heritage site and the scenic Ise Shima are located in the area.