Study Abroad to Mie

Mie University is located in a beautiful natural environment. The green of the waves of Ise Bay, the green of the trees in Suzuka Mountains and Nunobiki mountains,
and the green of the sky with white clouds, Mie University is an environmentally friendly university surrounded by the three greens (Sansui).
Mie University is a national university consisting of five faculties and six graduate schools: Faculty of Humanities, Law and Economics, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Medicine,
Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Bioresources, and the Graduate School of Regional Innovation.
The university promotes international exchange and has accepted many international students from all over the world, and currently has over 300 international students
studying at this university.

Regarding Mie

Mie Prefecture is a very pleasant environment to live in Japan. It is neither a big city like Tokyo or Osaka nor very rural but inconvenient.
You can fully enjoy real Japanese life. Winter is relatively warm and the people of the prefecture are very friendly. The cost of living is lower than in large cities.
It is also a convenient location with easy access to Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya. Mie University is located in Tsu City.

Information on Mie Prefecture

Academic Schedule and Class Hours

The academic year begins on April 1 and ends on March 31 of the following year. The academic year is also divided into Sprint and Fall semesters.

Main Annual Schedule

Spring semester

Fall Semester

Entrance Ceremony,
Orientation for new international students

Class period: early April to early August

Summer Break: early August to late September

Orientation for new international students

Class period: early October to late February

Winter Break: Late December to early January

Spring Break: Mid-February to early April

Graduation Ceremony

Class Hours

1・2period(1KOMA)  8:50~10:20
3・4period(2KOMA) 10:30~12:00
5・6period(3KOMA) 13:00~14:30
7・8period(4KOMA) 14:40~16:10
9・10period(5KOMA) 16:20~17:50