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Director's Message

The novel coronavirus is currently wreaking havoc worldwide, and it is inevitable that for the next one or two years, the intake of international students from abroad and the outbound mobility of Mie University's own students will both be substantially restricted. In no time at all, an infectious disease that originated in one location has spread right across the globe through the movement of humans. This spread has also led to various unexpected setbacks, such as interruptions in the procurement of components for manufacturing as supply chains for various commodities are affected. There is a feeling that we witnessing the negative outcomes of globalization before our very eyes, day after day. But globalization is an inevitable part of human history, and we all, especially the younger generation, need to continue living in this globalized world. There are two sides to everything: on the flipside of these negative experiences there are surely brighter and more positive outcomes. It is my hope that young people today will maintain their faith in the benefits of globalization, and prepare themselves to live fulfilling lives in a world of abundant opportunity.

I believe that in order for Mie University to maintain its appeal and achieve ongoing growth even as the environment surrounding Japan and the international community undergoes immense change, it will be crucial to deepen our exchanges and collaborations with universities beyond Japan. Making an even greater contribution to the global community demands further internationalization of the university's efforts to promote education and academic research. I am confident that as an organization supporting the international activities of Mie University, the Center for International Education and Research has a major role to play in this process.

KANECO, Satoshi
Director, Center for International Education and Research, Mie University