Classes for General Public

We open the following classes for general public at the Center for International Education and Research in Fall Semester, 2023.

【Course Qualifications】

Anyone can available to take the classes who is interested in.

*To take a Japanese class at Mie University, applicants are required to take a placement test
to confirm their Japanese language ability.

You can download "the Japanese Level Check Test" below.
Please use the Japanese Level Check Test to confirm your level of Japanese,
and then select the class you would like to take based on the result of it.

Please refer to the "Class Schedule for Fall, 2023 (PDF)" for the class level.

If you have completed a course in the previous semester and wish to continue taking the course in the next semester,
you may take a course of one level higher.

【Class Schedule for Fall, 2023】

Click here for more information

【Registration Period】

For Fall Semester: From July 24 to September 1 , 2023 *must arrive


International Relations Office
Address:1577 Kurimamachiya-cho Tsu city,Mie Pref.Japan 514-8507


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