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Comprehensive renters insurance for foreign students studying in Japan

  1. Eligibility

    Mie University international students (undergraduate, graduate, research, and exchange students - special research students and special auditing students) who need to reside in rented accomodations.

  2. Application Procedure

    After beign approved by the academic advisor, international students must submit the application form to the International Students Office.

  3. Guarantor

    Director of the Student Support Center.

  4. Seal on the lease agreement

    The guarantor seals on the lease agreement based on the application.

  5. Applicants' obligation.
    1. Applicants must take out a policy of "Comprehensive Renters' Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan" By Japan Educational Exchanges and Services. In addition, when the applicants continue to reside, they must re-take out the policy before it expires.
    2. When leaving the accomodation, or leaving Mie University, international students must contact the International Students Office.
  6. Safekeeping a copy of the contract

    The International Students Office keeps a copy of the contract along with the application form after concluding the lease agreement.

  7. Office

    This is the International Students Office.

  8. Further information of Renter's Insurance

    Japan Educational Exchanges and Services