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Dormitory and Accomondations

Foreign Students' House


Kurimamachiya-cho, Tsu City, Mie, 514-0102
Phone: +81-(0)59-231-9064

Built in 1988

From the left; appearance of building, private room, shared kitchen & dinning, and laundry room


Single Room 8,440 JPY per month
Couple Room 15,440 JPY per month

● Maintenance fee, 1,000 JPY per person per month is included but utilities expense is not.

Type / Area / Facilities

TypeFloorNumber of RoomsArea (m2)Facilities
Single 1 10 16.8 Prefabricated bath, bed, desk, chair, wardrobe, drawer, desk lamp, umbrella stand, refrigerator, air conditioner, book shelf, Free Internet Access etc.
2 10 16.8
3 10 16.8
Couple 1 2 37.8 Almost same facilities as a single room and the others; kitchen, cupboard, table, washing machine, dedside table, gas-leak alarm, Free Internet Access etc.
2 3 37.8

● Couple room is available for an international student and his/her spouse, two same-sex internatonal students, or an international student and his/her brother or sisiter.

Shared facilities in Foreign Sudents' House

Kitchen & Dinning Room Each Floor Sink, gas range, water boiler, toaster oven, microwave oven, table, chairs, water filter
Multi-Purpose Room 1st Floor Sofa, ping-pong table, foldable chairs & tables, sink, clock
Library 1st Floor Bookshelves, study desks, chairs, sink, mirror, cupboard, airconditioner, clock

Foreign Students' Dormitory


Edobashi, Tsu City, Mie, 514-0001
Phone +81-(0)59-232-8755

Dormitory A & B: built in 2009, Dormitory C & D: buil in 2015

From the left; appearance of Dormitory A & B, private room, shared kitchen & dinning room, laundry room and shower room