Director's Message

 It has been about 20 years since the International Exchange Center of Mie University was established on October 1, 2005 as a campus cooperative educational research facility by reforming the International Student Center with the aim of becoming a linchpin of internationalization of the university. Its official English name is the Center for International Education and Research, and it is affectionately known to international students as CIER.

At Mie University, we formulated Vision 2030, which calls for "Regional Co-Creation Universities to Open the Future from Mie to the World, from the World to Mie". The most important basic philosophy for Mie University is to develop human resources who can play an active role in various regions and fields while deepening ties with the international community and strengthening ties with the local community, and to conduct world-class and original research. In the field of education, we will continue to provide education that brings out the power to act through connections with local communities, society and the world. We will restructure the "four forces" that are the educational goals of Mie University into a comprehensive "living force" by adding "action force" to the "feeling force," "thinking force," and "communication force," and we will develop human resources who have an understanding of diversity and who can play an active role globally with a global perspective by engaging in international exchanges and facing various local issues.

Under the concept of "Mie to the World, the World to Mie", the Center for International Education and Research of Mie University provides Japanese language education for foreign students, as well as guidance and consultation in school and life, and supports foreign students who wish to find work in Japan. We also support Japanese students who are interested in foreign countries. For example, we offer programs such as exchange study at overseas exchange partner schools and language training in spring and summer, which are fully supported by the university. Studying abroad and being exposed to other cultures will definitely improve your experience. Experiencing the differences between different cultures, values, languages and religions in your study abroad broadens your perspective. In addition, by interacting with the students and local people you meet while studying abroad, you will be inspired by new ways of thinking and seeing, and will be equipped with diverse perspectives and a bird's-eye view. These experiences will certainly help you in your future career and life. Studying abroad is not just about changing places and studying in different languages, but it is an opportunity to experience life in a different culture and develop yourself significantly.

We can believe that in order for Mie University to maintain its appeal and achieve ongoing growth even as the environment surrounding Japan and the international community undergoes immense change, it will be crucial to deepen our exchanges and collaborations with universities beyond Japan. Making an even greater contribution to the global community demands further internationalization of the university's efforts to promote education and academic research. We are confident that as an organization supporting the international activities of Mie University, the Center for International Education and Research has a major role to play in this process.

KANECO, Satoshi
Director, Center for International Education and Research, Mie University