"Mie Miraibito Ikuseijuku"Join the Event!!

26 Apr 2018

"Mie Miraibito Ikuseijuku"Join the Event for Fostering the Leaders of the Next Generation!

We are looking for foreign students (studying at university in Mie) to study together and help facilitate these discussions and encourage high school students to express their opinions. You will be assisting small groups of students in their discussions.

If you would like to be a part of this future-oriented event, please fill in the form and send International Relations Office(ryugaku@ab.mie-u.ac.jp ) by Wednesday, May 2.


Date and Time:

Saturday, June 2(10:00-16:30)

Sunday, June 3(9:30-17:00)


◆June 2


 (Yokkaichi Pollution and Environmental Museum for Future Awareness)


(1-3-16 Yasujima, Yokkaichi-Shi, Mie)

◆June 3

公益財団法人 国際環境技術移転センター(ICETT)

International Center for Environmental Technology Transfer


(3684-11 Sakura-Cho, Yokkaichi-Shi, Mie)


International Relations Office


E-mail: ryugaku@ab.mie-u.ac.jp