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Self-Financed Research Student

Research students will conduct research under the guidance of their academic advisors at Mie University.

You need acceptance by the advisor in Mie University before you apply. (Except Faculty of Humanities, Law and Economics or Graduate School of Humanities, and Social Sciences)

Regarding to Faculty of Humanities, Law and Economics or Graduate School of Humanities, and Social Sciences, they will decide your academic advisor depending on your application documents.

For getting information about study fields and majors, please refer to the website of each faculty and graduate school.

Application for Self-financed Research Students, 2023 (Updated in Jan, 2023)

[Period of application]

Admission for Apr. 2023 (Residents overseas) October 10 (Mon) - October 21 (Fri), 2022

             (Residents in Japan) January 16 (Mon) - January 27 (Fri), 2023

Admission for Oct. 2023 (Residents overseas) April 3 (Mon) - April 14 (Fri), 2023

             (Residents in Japan) July 10 (Mon) - July 21 (Fri), 2023

※Reception time is from 9:00 to 17:00. Weekends and national holidays are excluded. ※Examination Fees must be paid by 17:00 on the final day of the period.

For persons who want to enroll as a research student in Mie University in 2023, please read the guide very carefully.

The followings are application forms provided Mie University. In addition to these docuements, there are some required documents so please check application guide carefully.

From this time on, we will accept electronic data by email for some application documents. However, some of the documents are required to be submitted by post or in person.
Please check "How to prepare documents for application mentioned in application guide carefully and submit required documents.

Name of the fileFile formatNotice

In addition to sending by e-mail, the original documents must be sent by mail or submit it in person for some of the documents. (Please refer to Application Guidelines).
Use the language specified on each form. If not specified, documents written in Japanese or English must be submitted.

Mie University Application Guide for Self-financed Research Students 2023 PDF

Please be sure to read this.
(Updated in Jan, 2023)

Application Form(Form1-1,1-2,1-3) EXCEL Please be sure to fill all forms from 1-1 to 1-3.
Research Plan (Form2) EXCEL PDF

①If you want to be research student of education, you need to write this form by your own hand.

②For other faculties or graduate schools, you may choose any. By hand writing, or using documentation software.

③When you cannot occupy in a one sheet, please attach another sheet.

④Please be sure to match your research thesis.

Financial Certificate (Form3) PDF

①Write down the amount which is written in Certificate of bank account balance.

②In the case of an overseas account, you must convert into JPY.

③Please attach Certificate of bank account balance, which was issued immediately before application.

④In case we judged that your savings amount is not enough, we will ask you to attach additional document which explains that you can live without a problem of the money after entrance.

Statement of Financial Support(Form4) PDF When the name of the bank balance certificate is not yours, submit it with Form 3.
Letter of Acceptance(Form5) PDF

In case you want to enroll The Faculty of Humanities, Law and Economics or The Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, you don't need to submit this form.

Academic Advisor Assessment of Self-financed Students (Research Student)(Form6) WORD PDF

①In case you want to enroll in the Faculty of Education, you need to ask your expected advisor to fill this form.

②No need for other faculties or graduate schools.

Certificate of Health (for student)(Form7) PDF

①If you are a resident in Japan, you don't need to submit this form.

②This form is to be completed by the examining physician.

Inquiry about research student

International Relations Office, Mie University