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Tutor Programs for Japanese Language Study

The Center for International Education and Research can refer international students wanting help learning Japanese to Japanese student volunteers who can offer support.

Remember: these are student volunteers, not Japanese language teachers. They are conversation partners with whom international students can practice the Japanese they learn in class. The volunteers can choose to help international students with their studies by correcting their reports or helping them practice reading from newspapers and textbooks. They can also become friends with international students and discuss a wide range of topics, including lifestyles, studies, and much more. Generally, one volunteer is assigned to each international student, and each pair will coordinate their schedules to meet once or twice a week on campus. (Each session should last from 1-1.5 hours.)

Every Monday during lunchtime, Professor Fukuoka's office is open to anyone interested in this program, including Japanese students who want to become volunteers and international students seeking help from a volunteer. Anyone who is interested can fill out and submit an Application for Japanese Language Study Support at Professor Fukuoka's office. Once you register as a volunteer, you are typically expected to provide support for one year. For an individual consultation, please come to the office during office hours (7th and 8th period on Monday) or make an appointment for another time.

Members of Terakoya, a Japanese language study support volunteer group, currently offer support to international students at all faculties. This group is composed of Japanese students who want to befriend international students, help them learn Japanese, and/or learn about other cultures. Together with the international students, they plan parties and movie viewings, and participate in the university festival.

Inquiries: Organization for the Development of Higher Education and Regional Human Resources

Professor FUKUOKA, Masako (Adviser to Japanese Learning Support ・Volunteer Circle"TERAKOYA")
(Tel & Fax: 059-231-9698 E-mail: