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28 Apr 2021

Code of Conduct for preventing infection from COVID-19

Dear all international students,

The Code of Conduct for preventing infection from COVID-19 has been updated on April 22.

Current Code of Conduct for preventing infection from COVID-19(English)
Current Code of Conduct for preventing infection from COVID-19(Japanese)

Please pay particular attention to the following points.

1. Refrain from dining as a group (including a "Home Party" or "Barbecue")

2. Refrain from traveling. (Avoid visiting or traveling COVID-19 hot spots, even if it is your hometown.)

3. Refrain from participating in/Karaoke/.

・ If infection from COVID-19 is suspected, please cooperate with the investigation and inspection of the city health center and take appropriate actions and measures.

・ The level of activity restriction for such a travelling outside of prefecture (including research activities and classes ) or extracurricular activities(especially the deficit one) will be increased. Please cooperate in any way possible.

As the COVID-19 pandemic wears on, some of you might feel overwhelmed by uncertainty. At the Mie University Center for Physical and Mental Health, we provides online support by our psychiatrist or clinical psychotherapist for students and faculty members who may need some help. Please feel free to call 059-231-9068.

Please be sure to read the attached Current Code of Conduct (Summary and Points to Note) carefully, and follow these to prevent from the spread of COVID-19 infection.

* This file is an extracted translation of the student-related part of the Code of Conduct. Please refer to the other attachment in Japanese for the full text.

Please check websites below for your reference.

Mie Prefectural Government)

Mie Prefecture Information web site "MIE INFO"

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)

Cabinet Secretariat

Thank you in advance for your cooperation as always.

CIER, Mie University