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International Internship Program

Past International Internship Program

As the trend towards globalization continues, the number of Japanese companies that focus on overseas experience when hiring employees is on the rise. Why don't you test your capabilities and become an intern as part of your career development efforts? If you are interested, contact the International Relations Office by e-mail.

  • Reports from AY2014 Mie University JICA Interns

Contact: Center for International Education and Research E-mail:  TEL: 059-231-9804


Past reports

The Center for International Education and Research offers international internships as part of its International Career Development Program. In cooperation with partner schools in South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia, both inbound and outbound students have been afforded opportunities to experience work in host companies or conduct research in university labs (since 2015.3.31).


Impressions of participants

【Voice from participants】