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Risk Management

・Safety measures for overseas travel

 Please use these documents for security measures of the faculty and caution to students.
 You should read it when you travel abroad. We can help you open an overseas travel safety information meeting,
 when it is required, at the faculty, graduate school, department or laboratory meetings. Please contact
 the International Relations Office.(9721)

Traveling Overseas StartUp

This document contains information on overseas travel insurance, flight tickets arrangement, accommodation arrangements and other useful link information. Please use it when you travel abroad.

・Overseas Travel Notification

【We have changed to use Microsoft Forms to submit Overseas Travel Notification from April, 2022】

When all of Mie University students (both Japanese and international students) will travel abroad
(including personal travel), they are requested to submit an overseas travel notification from the links
below and register with Tabiregi-registration(Ministry of Foreign Affairs:travel within 3 months) in advance.

〇Overseas Travel Notification Form
Faculty of Humanities, Law and Economics・Graduate School of Humanities, and Social Sciences(Master Course)
Faculty of Education・Graduate School of Education
Faculty of Medicine ・Graduate school of Medicine
Faculty of Engineering・Graduate School of Enginnering
Faculty of Bioresources・Graduate School of Bioresources
Graduate School of Regional Innovation Studies
Center for International Education and Research

※1. Please note that each faculty/graduate school has its own Overseas Travel Notification Form.
※2. You need to sigh in Microsoft account of Mie University when you type in.
(reference) email address : student ID / password : Unified-account password

We also prepare and distribute documents such as the handbook, leaflet, and brochure below. For details, please contact the International Relations Office.(9721)(Japanese only)

DVDs are available which were issued by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. (Sorry, only Japanese)
For details, please contact the International Relations Office. (9721)