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Japanese Language Study

This course is designated for all the international students in Mie University and they can take the couses according to their needs and Japanese ability. There are five different courses: Basic I & II, Intermediate I & II, and Advanced Courses. The courses start every April and October and courses finish in 16 weeks, which is one semester.

Please visit "Application Procedure" for details, or you can get the COURSE GUIDE at the International Relations Office.

Students who are interested in taking these courses must take the "Placement Test for Japanese Language Courses" in April or September. According to the result, the course will be suggested to each student. On the same day, students will find out their results and are to take the orientation meeting for their study courses. In the meeting, faculties will advice each student for the appropriate courses for their levels and explain how to fill out the registration card for the courses. Students who wish to take the courses are required to attend this meeting as well. Please read the COURSE GUIDE before you attend the meeting and also take this booklet with you.

Undergraduate Students who take the Intermediate Courses and Advanced Courses, credits are given accordingly. Please register for the course as the Liberal Arts subjects.