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Special Research Students from Ukraine

(Based on special measures to support Ukrainian evacuees

Eligible Applicant The applicant must be Ukrainian nationals and be enrolled in a graduate school of a university where the war has made it difficult to secure a place for their research.
Status Special Research Student
Acceptable Number of students 5 students
Study period the beginning of each month until March 2023 and end at the end of each semester, up to the end of March 2024
Financial Support

travel expenses (up to 300,000 yen), living expenses (about 80,000 yen per month), housing free of charge, and exemption from tuition and other fees

※ For living expenses and travel expenses, we plan to utilize the Nippon Foundation's support for displaced persons in Ukraine.( If the application is not approved, the University will provide equivalent support.

[Application Guide for Special Research Students from Ukraine(Based on special measures to support Ukrainian evacuees)]

[Period of Application]

  • The deadline of submitting documents: October 10(Mon), 2022

    *We close the list when the number of accepted students reaches the quota (5 students).
*Application closed

[Documents to be submitted]

Application documentsfilesPoints to note
The documents listed in (a) ~ (h) must be digitized as specified in the application guidelines and sent by e-mail. For (f) and (g), send the original ones by post in addition to sending by e-mail.
Use the language specified in each form. If there is no direction, submit it in English or Japanese.

Application for Admission of Special Research Student from Ukraine& Questionnaire for Certificate of Eligibility【Form 1】

EXCEL Please attach a photo data on Form 1-1. Send it in Excel format by email.
(b) Questionnaire sheet Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences【Form 3】 PDF

If you choose to enter the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, please submit this.
Please write in Japanese in your own handwriting.

(c) Questionnaire sheet of Faculty of Engineering and Graduate School of Engineering 【Form 4】 PDF If you choose to enter the Faculty of Engineering or Graduate School of Engineering, please submit this.
There is an admission policy [PDF] in the Faculty of Engineering. Please read through this admission policy carefully.
(d) Copy of passport

If you don't have for now, send it by e-mail after you get it.

(e) Copy of Japanese-Language Proficiency Test Certificate of Result and Scores

If you've passed Japanese-Language Proficiency Test, please submit this.


Original Certificate of Scholarship or copy of original

If you use a scholarship for the method of support to meet the expenses, please submit this.
The name of the scholarship, period of payment, amount and grant or loan status should be indicated in the document.

Certificate of Health 【Form 6】

PDF This is required to be completed by the examining physician.

Photo Data taken within 6 months

It should be 4 cm long, 3 cm wide, and above 200dpi, and smaller than 50 Kbyte.

It should be jpg file, and there must be no background (including no shadow). The applicant must face the camera and cannot wear a hat.

※Send it in JPG file by email.

[Application method]

Please check "How to prepare documents for application"(P.8) mentioned in application guide carefully and submit required documents.

Please carefully check the information of the graduate school to which you are applying before submitting your application.

  Web page:Mie University | Academics (


[Where to submit application]

 International Relations Office
 2nd floor, University Research Hall II
 Mie University
 1577 Kurimamachiya-cho, Tsu city, Mie
 514-8507 Japan.
 Phone: 059-231-9688 (direct) (from overseas: +81-59-231-9688)