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Special Facilities for Research and Education

Organization for the Development of Higher Education and Regional Human Resources Aims to advance the creation and development of educational activities directed to the achievement of Mie University's educational objectives through collaboration and consultation with the university's various divisions, as well as supporting initiatives for quality assurance of degree programs and education in order to cultivate regional human resources that can contribute to regional development.
Organization for the Promotion of Regional Innovation Aims to contribute to the advancement of Mie University's research and education and the enhancement of industry, culture and welfare both regionally and throughout Japan, by pursuing deeper collaboration across industry, academia and government, and advancing original research and development and utilization of intellectual property at Mie University.
Regional Satellite Campus Network Launched in the 2016 academic year as a strategy for regional revitalization and human resource development in Mie Prefecture, the Mie University Regional Satellite Campus Network initiative involves four satellite campuses operating as hubs for the "resolution of regional issues" and "cultivation of regional human resources" and advancing practical activities related thereto.
Regional Area Strategy Center Offers detailed projects for the wide range of the recommendation and the realization with municipalities, universities, and industries.
Advanced Science Research Promotion Center Established in the 2016 academic year as part of the Organization for the Promotion of Regional Innovation, following amalgamation of the Community-University Research Cooperation Center and the Life Science Research Center.
Center for International
Education and Research
Aims through international education and research to nurture human resources contributing towards and to promote globalization in the community.
Center for Physical
and Mental Health
Provides medical advice for students, faculty and staff members. At the Center, doctors and nurses deal with mental illnesses and physiological stress, as well as physical illness. To keep the university community in good health, we also provide regular medical examinations for them.
Center for Information
Technologies and Networks
Supports research and educational activities through the use of computers, servers and other information technologies. Also provides the basis for campus network security.
Center for Student Support Aims at helping students live more fulfilling school lives by providing support for their daily and academic lives and career pursuits.
Mie University Research Center Non-barrier research project by the innovative research groups with researchers in different fields.
Mie Global Environment
Center for Education &
Research (Mie GECER)
At the Kamihama campus, excluding the University Hospital, the Environmental Management System (EMS) which encompasses the activities of the Mie University ISO Student Committee confirmed the adoption of ISO 14001: 2004 Standard and acquired the nation's first certificate for a whole university on November, 2007. The ISO Promotion Office will continue to strive for the improvement of the Environmental Management System (EMS), Smart Campus Project, and Education for Sustainable Development and will continue to fulfill its responsibilities socially as well as promoting Mie University as one of the world's most environmentally advanced universities.
In addition, we manage discharged water, industrial wastes, and air pollution appropriately to prevent environmental disruption for our security.
Admission Center Established as an institute for education and research on July 21, 2016. Aims to promote senior high school-university linkages based on the continuity and integration of education between the senior high school and university levels, as well as to contribute to the fostering of human resources for the regional community through development and implementation of admissions selection methods that involve multi-faceted and integrated assessment of candidates.
Center for Future Teachers and School Support We give guidance based on our support system, research, and feedback results on teacher training education and current teacher development. (Pre-service Teacher Division, School Support Division, In-service Teacher and Development Division, and General Support Office)
Research and Education Center for Community Development Launched on November 1, 2015 with the following aims:
・To produce core human resources for regional revitalization by developing and implementing educational curricula that foster human resources that meet regional needs;
・To contribute to regional culture and industrial vitalization by pursuing activities in collaboration with the community.