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10 Sep 2018

Application Information - JASSO scholarship - SHOREI-HI (for students seeking a job in Japan)

★ Eligibility ★

* As of October 2018, under-graduate third grader or graduate school master course First grader and doctoral course second grader

* Those who wish to get a job in Japan after graduating from Mie University

* Those who have excellent grades, people are superior and need economic help

* Those who have an academic grading 2.30 or higher

* Person who intends to cooperate in the course investigation conducted by JASSO through the enrolled university after receipt of "SHOREI-HI"

* Remittance from your family must be less than 90,000 yen average month (excluding entrance fee, tuition fee etc)

* It is not a person who is receiving benefits such as scholarships that are restricted as a combination of "SHOREI-HI"

* The annual income of supporter who lives in Japan is less than 5 million yen

* It is not a person receiving support from the Japan Student Services Organization's overseas study support system

※ For other details, please ask at International Relations office.

☆ Scholarship · Payment period ☆

* Scholarship fee: 48,000 yen per month

* Payment Period: October 2018 - March 2019

★ Submission destination & deadline ★

* Submit to: International Relations Office

* Deadline: Tuesday, September 25, 2018

※ Inappropriate document, submission after the deadline will not be accepted.

Application form is also avairable at International Relation Office.