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30 Jun 2014

JENESYS2.0 Students from India visited Mie University

41 college students from India visited Mie Uiversity as a part of "JENESYS2.0" program on Thursday, June 19.

This program is supported by the government of Japan to revitalize the Japanese economy and to promote potential interests and understanding towards Japanese brand as well as strengths, attractions, and values.

The aim of the group to Mie was to study local heritage sites, nature, cultures, and industries and to deepen relations between local people and Indian students through this event and homestay program.



Japanese traditional culture experience

Indian students and Japanese students were mixed and divided in 5 groups, had active discussion and presentation accoroding to each themes following Japanese traditional culture experience such as origami, calligraphy, tanabata at MEIPL.

In his presentation, Prof. Uchida expressed the imporance of sharing their opinions towards those themes such as "Environment" or "Energy", hoping their future re-visit.

The event was successfully concluded with full of energy and fun with Indian and Japanese students for communication.