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24 Dec 2013

International Exchange Party was held.

On December 19, International Exchange Party was held and there were about 350 people including international students, Japanese students, foreign researchers, faculty and staff members enjoyed having meeting and talking each other.

Following the opening speech from Dr, Atsumasa Uchida, the President of Mie University, Mr. Hisahiko Yamaguchi, Director, Tsu International Exchange Association made his speech.

Dr. Uchida Mr. Yamaguchi

At the party, group of students performed their traditional dancing and songs. All the participants enjoyed dancing and singing together.

Traditional Dance by Indonesian Students
Traditional Dance by Chinese students Matouqin Play
Traditional Dance by Thai Students
Yosakoi Soran Dance by Tri-U presenters and Student Committee members
Performance of the Winner of the Singing Contest

At the end, Mie University's Cheer Leaders performed.

Mie University's Cheer Leaders Performance

The party was successfully concluded with full of energy and fun with international and Japanese students for communication.