For students and staff

For international students and staff

In 2011, Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake hit on Friday, March 11. As you know, the Tohoku and Kanto regions have suffered immense damage at that time.
In the near future, we may have the Great Nankai Trough Earthquake, tremendous damage caused by the tsunami and liquefaction at the Mie University, because it is a very close campus to the sea.

Great Nankai Trough Earthquake damage estimates

Tsunami-flooding estimates

So we are planning to implement promptly refuge to temporary shelters such as buildings on campus (4th Floor or above), if tsunami warning is announced by the Meteorological Agency and the evacuation-instruction has been issued by Mie Univercity Disasters Headquarters. When you are out of campus,you should run away to Mie Center For the Arts,Kairaku Park or Mie university schools to protect your own life from tsunami.


If tsunami occurs, you can evacuate to the buildings below.
tsunami evacuation buildings in Tsu .pdf
Please keep a check in advance for these evacuation areas.

We expect you to prepare to the THREE DAYS SURVIVAL KITS in an emergency for protecting your own life.


Mie university use the Emergency Safety Confirmation System, "ANPIC" (Start date:10/01/17).
We ask that you register your own mobile/smartphone/PC e-mail address with this system so that a message can be sent to you if your safety needs to be confirmed. Please use an address that you check frequently.
This system can open up information about your safety to your family if required.

Emergency Safety Confirmation System outline & registration

Disasters Headquaters